Share Your Product Feedback: Benchmarking Tool

  • 25 April 2022
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Share Your Product Feedback: Benchmarking Tool

Do you utilize the Zencity Organic dashboard?

Did you know that you have access to benchmarking tools to track progress over time and against a cohort of other communities?


Whether you answered ‘Yes’ to only one or both questions, we want to hear from you!


The Zencity Benchmarking tool is a great way to get more insights into best practices and compare and contrast how your local engagement looks next to national trends.

The Zencity product team is working on some new enhancements for the Benchmarking tool, and your input will help inform what features are most important to be prioritized.

Some previous requests have been:

  • Building your own cohort and adding new cohorts in general 

  • Adding annotations to the volume graph

  • Viewing the tool on mobile devices

With this in mind, this is your opportunity to help shape the next phase of the Benchmarking tool and also be a part of establishing best practices for all of us to learn from!  


Share in the comments:

  1. What would be most helpful for YOU to see in your Benchmarking data? 

  2. What Benchmarking features are on your wishlist that you’d like to see implemented?

  3. Would you like to join a feedback & testing group for the Benchmarking tool?


4 replies


Hey, @Melinda S! We got some great Benchmarking feedback from Lewisville a while back, would you or anyone else from the team be interested in weighing in on the next round of updates? (CC: @Natalie Abraham)


@CarolynFromCary, I noticed that Cary has offered some great feedback on Benchmarking in the past, is this something you or your team wants to participate in again? 


@Lea E, I’m new to the team, but I saw that you and the Long Beach team have used Benchmarking in the past. Are there any other features that you’d love to see in the future updates?

(CC @Allison Paisner, @Andrea Fox )


@Jenny Wiley thanks for reaching out. Let me ask the team members to see if they have anything in mind.

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