What topics do you want to learn about in Zencity Hall? Share your feedback!

What topics do you want to learn about in Zencity Hall? Share your feedback!

We want your feedback!


In preparation for the official launch of Zencity Hall in April 2022, we’d love to find out what topics would be most appealing for our first roundtable discussions. 

In our roundtable discussion meeting format, we will feature a Zencity topic expert and provide the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and offer their perspectives.

Possible Topics:


    Organizational embracing of the Zencity tool and how to communicate Zencity data and findings to your team in various roles 

    Best practices and potential drivers of positive sentiment in community engagement from a data-driven perspective (Ex: public health)

    Addressing the hiring shortage with best practices for recruitment posts

    Crisis communication and risk management, with a focus on proactive strategic planning and data-driven insights (Ex: weather, water outages, public safety, etc)

    Best practices for utilizing public surveys for public-facing projects

    Understanding public reaction to official communications, such as State of the City addresses

    Enhancing your planning with survey data for budgets and funding proposals



Let us know in the comments:

Which topics would you choose first?


What other topics would you like to explore with your peers and the Zencity experts?



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I love all the topics! 

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Here are my top 3:



Discourse Measurement


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Sharing my top 3 as well: 

  • Sentiment
  • Discourse management 
  • Surveys 

I’m also definitely interested in learning more about “data for planning,” however I think the first three on my list address the more immediate needs of my organization. 

I’d like to improve my fluency on the nuances and differences between sentiment and discourse management, so that I can better inform my colleagues on how ZC as a tool works for us and what its range is. 


Love it, this is great feedback. @Patty P  and @Sheridan!

This input definitely helps us prioritize topics to provide space to discuss, and there is so much we can learn from each other too!

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